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Teingo Inko-Tariah

With a firm background in corporate law and governance, Teingo has gained considerable experience in setting up and helping businesses and other corporate entities run efficiently. Smart as a fox with a go-getter mentality, she is a thorough professional with a known for her attention to details. Teingo has a growing reputation among young entrepreneurs for her consistent efforts in helping businesses create and maintain sustainable systems to foster continuity. She is a brilliant writer and advocate. Apart from her personal blog, her articles have been published on a number of online platforms. Outside the field of law practice, Teingo enjoys volunteering and works with children and teenagers. She is an amateur tennis player and enjoys watching football. She is the firm’s current Managing Partner.


- Partner, Accord Legal Practice – 2013 to date
- Associate, ÆLEX – August 2008 – Sept 2011
- Intern, Community Law Centre, Ado –Ekiti (NYSC) 2007-2008

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