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Mandy Dangogo

Mandy is an amiable dude who is just a perfect fit for the Administrative role he plays in the firm. Within a short time of joining our team, Mandy has proven to be invaluable by his approach to work. He is very professional from his highly impressive dress sense to the manner in which he executes his many tasks yet he is able to match this with warmth and friendliness. They say women are better with multi-tasking but Mandy is surely in the race to beat them as he is in charge of everything admin. He is ever ready and happy to lend a helping hand and always wants to see that everything is fine around the office so that our productivity is at its peak. Mandy is a solution provider. If he can’t fix it, he knows someone who can. Mandy plays a number of musical instruments excellently well and enjoys organising events. He started out with the drums at the age of eight but it seems he finally settled for the Keyboard and has now been branded ‘magic fingers’. Mandy is the firm’s first point of contact for every visitor to our office.


– Accord Legal Practice – October 2016 to date (Office Manager)
– Cornerstone Academy, Vandiekya, Benue State Nigeria (Accounts Instructor – NYSC) March 2013 – February 2014.

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