Sopakirite Kuruye-Alele Jan02

Sopakirite Kuruye-Alele

When it comes to strategizing for court trials, Sopakirite is a top performer. His work always has the fingerprints of thoroughness and well thought out format. He is well versed in land transactions and corporate practice and has executed several tasks that have helped businesses perform optimally. Sopakirite has excellent skills in...

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ThankGod Ndukwu Jan02

ThankGod Ndukwu

If you have a picture of a fierce litigator who often plays the ‘devil’s advocate’ when it comes to court cases, you have a picture of ThankGod. His dream is to be among the best trial lawyers within and outside Nigeria and he is working hard at this dream. ThankGod has also been involved in transactions relating to real estate...

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Mandy Dangogo Jan02

Mandy Dangogo

Mandy is an amiable dude who is just a perfect fit for the Administrative role he plays in the firm. Within a short time of joining our team, Mandy has proven to be invaluable by his approach to work. He is very professional from his highly impressive dress sense to the manner in which he executes his many tasks yet he is able to mat...

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Teingo Inko-Tariah Apr21

Teingo Inko-Tariah

With a firm background in corporate law and governance, Teingo has gained considerable experience in the field of corporate and commercial legal practice. She has incorporated numerous companies and corporate entities including Nigerian subsidiaries of foreign companies. She has also advised individuals and corporate organisations on...

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